The K-Music festival is an introduction to music from Korea, with distinct and electrifying events from all across the musical spectrum. Each performer explores new boundaries within their particular genre, and although the artists share a common culture and identity, they certainly aren’t bound by this. Their sound and approach is global and therefore it is fitting that the festival supports them as they cement their place on the world stage.

The K-Music Festival is back, returning this autumn for its 5th year!

As we celebrate this milestone we have once more invited a host of extraordinary musicians to join us. For 2018’s festival, I'm sure you will agree, we have prepared a very special line-up including the legendary singer of Pansori, Korea's traditional solo opera, Ahn Sook-Sun. The evening will be a very rare opportunity to watch a living national treasure from Korea sing a full length pansori performance in London.

Heemoon Lee returns with the band Ssing Ssing, they received rave reviews from New York critics and audiences last year. They have successfully combined traditional Korean folk songs with contemporary music and performance. The Near East Quartet will have a UK debut with their new album on ECM records with the special guest, Kyungso Park, who performed with Andy Shepperd two years ago at K-Music.

In addition, E-Do will also have their debut in London with us. Kyung-Hwa Yu, the leader of E-Do will play Janggu, a Korean traditional percussion instrument as well as Cheolhyungeum, a Korean metal-stringed instrument that sounds like an electric guitar. In addition, Urban Sound will join the festival with their unique combination of Asian percussion and piano, their band features three female musicians from China, Japan and Korea. Finally, Youn Sun Nah will return to London once more to let us hear her magical voice again.

I know that audiences in Korea are envious of such unrivalled talent at a single festival. So please do not miss this rare opportunity to enjoy such a wide range of Korean music in London and catch a glimpse of what the future holds for K-Music too. 

Let’s meet at the venues. 

Hoseong Yong
Korean Cultural Centre UK