Andy Sheppard

International jazz star, ECM recording artist and Bristol resident Andy Sheppard is one of few British musicians to have made a significant impact on the international jazz scene, playing and writing for solo to big band and chamber orchestras. A serial collaborator, Andy has worked with some of the biggest names in jazz and is in huge demand for both his composing and for his legendary live performances. Andy Sheppard bought his first saxophone at the age of nineteen after being introduced to the jazz music of John Coltrane, and has since established himself as one of Britain’s foremost tenor and soprano saxophonists, and is one of a very few soloists to have played in the big bands of all three of the greatest post-war jazz composers, Carla Bley, George Russell and Gil Evans.


2015 – Andy Sheppard Quartet – Surrounded by Sea

2012 – Trio Libero

2009 – Movements in Colour

2001 – Nocturnal Tourist

2000 – Dancing Man & Women

1998 – Learning to Wave

1994 – Delivery Suite

1993 – Rhythm Method

1991 – In Co-Motion

1990 – Bright Moments

1990 – Soft on the Inside

1989 – Introduction in the Dark

1987 – Andy Sheppard

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