Hyelim Kim

Daegeum performer, composer and researcher, Hyelim Kim, is opening new possibilities for Korean music by using a traditional Korean instrument, the daegeum, as a tool to promote exchange with a wide-variety of musical cultures. Kim obtained her undergraduate and masters degrees from Seoul National University, and as a current Ph.D. student in ethnomusicology at SOAS within the University of London, she is conducting research on the globalization of Korean music. 

Kim is now receiving attention as a young performer who is taking a lead role in breathing new life into Korean traditional music. She has been selected as the pioneering artist of 2009-2010 by the Korean Arts Council; was a performer at the New York Omi Residency in 2009; and was selected as the Kumho Young Artist for 2006. She has held performances overseas including three recitals and performances at the 2High Festival (Australia), the Omi World Music Concert (New York), the Sori Art Electroacoustic Concert (Australia), the NZEMS (New Zealand), Ethno Sweden (Sweden),Fest der Innenhöfe (Germany) and the World Classics (England). These performances provided audiences with the opportunity to experience Kim’s own musical compositions, and she is presently working to expand her performances to an even greater audience worldwide. 

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