Jeduk Jeon

With little more than a small harmonica Jeduk Jeon has become a star performer in the Korean pop music scene, and since his debut he has transformed the harmonica into a mainstream solo instrument in Korea. His brilliant and dynamic performances have altered the common notion that a harmonica is a trifling instrument.

Jeon released his first debut album in 2004, touching off the subsequent harmonica boom in Korea. The critical press lavished the highest praises upon Jeon’s playing, for his first album, they commented upon 'the rediscovery of the harmonica', 'soul performance', and 'note-worthy musical accomplishments of this era.' He subsequently won the award for Best Jazz & Cross-over Album at the Korean Music Awards the following year.

In May 2012, he received great media coverage for being the first Korean Harmonica player to hold a solo concert with a 60-piece orchestra at the Seoul Art Center. In 2013, Jeon was celebrated with a President’s Award for Korean Pop Culture, the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a Korean musician. In 2016, after having released four albums, Jeon became the first Korean musician to be honored by being selected as a ‘Hohner Artist.’ Hohner, headquartered in Germany, is the world leading harmonica manufacturer.

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