Juwon Park

Juwon park is a guitarist who triggered the Gypsy jazz guitar craze in the Korean pop music industry. He has released five albums, all of which are unprecedented with their extraordinary techniques and fascinating melodies combined within. He has also proved himself to be a talented song writer, having written most of the compositions on his albums. He successfully pulled all the gypsy sentiment into a Korean sound and made them harmonize with each other.

Both Juwon Park’s first and second albums were chosen as the ‘Album of the Year’ by Korea's No. 1 search engine, Naver. He also received ‘The best Jazz & Cross-over’ award at the Korean Music Awards in 2010 and 2012. Furthermore, he was given the honour of being chosen as the best guitarist from the reader’s poll of the industry magazine, Jazz People, for the consecutive years of 2010 and 2011. His name was also on SOUND, a Korean music magazine, as the ‘Rookie of the Year 2009-2010.’ In 2013, he had a showcase at Music Matters in Singapore, one of the renowned music markets in the world and made a strong impression upon the music industry leaders that had gathered from all across the world as well as a lot of local fans.

Juwon Park is a very rare guitarist who possesses the sentiments of both pop and jazz, on top of the solid fundamentals that he has built over a 20 year career of classical guitar playing. He is an omnidirectional musician who is also skilled  in the electric guitar, as he was once a member of the rock band 'Sirius'. 

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