Kyungso Park

Since her soloist debut in 2008, Park has been endeavouring to contemporize the long tradition of the gayageum, releasing two albums, including The Most Beautiful Connection (2015), along with two single albums, one of which is Be My Neighbor (2014), and two EPs. In 2012, Park embarked on an overseas touring programme, mostly in Europe and the Americas. At OneBeat in the US and MakroPHONIA in Austria in 2012, and at the Serrinha Art Festival in Brazil in 2015, she performed in various forms from solo to ensemble with Jaques Morelenbaum (Brazil), Benjamin Taubkin (Brazil), Marcos Suzano (Brazil), Carlos Malta (Brazil), Dafnis Prieto (USA), Blitz the Ambassador (USA), Renald Deppe (Austria), and Michael Bruckner (Austria), for which she was highly lauded.


2015 – The Most Beautiful Connection

2014 – By My Neighbor

2012 – This is not Gayageum

2010 – Fragments Beyond (Single Album)

2008 – Cosmo Breeze (EP)

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