Court Music Orchestra of National Gugak Center

The Court Music Orchestra has been a part of the National Gugak Center throughout its entire history, performing and handing down royal court music in the spirit of Korean traditional culture. In general, the court music of Korea that is performed today mainly consists of pieces which were played in the royal court or in events organized by the royal household of the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910). Some genres of court music were created during the Joseon Dynasty, whereas origins of other genres pre-date these. Court music served as a medium for people to live in a harmonious way as well as an important mode of communication in a variety of court rituals and banquets. In modern times, it is still enjoyed by Korean people who appreciate its beauty of movement and its stillness. Among this great tradition, Jongmyo Jeryeak (Royal Ancestral Shrine Music of Joseon Dynasty) was designated in 2001 as a part of the world cultural heritage list by UNESCO, substantiating its value and importance.


Gun Hoy Lee – piri

Gap Su Han – haegeum

Seung Yeop Lee – daegeum

Sung IL An – janggu

Yun Jung Ko – gayageum

Sung Hye Yoon – geomungo

Oh Hoon Lee – danso

Sung Joon Kim – saenghwang

Jee Young Chung – yanggeum

Il Ha Cho – Sijo