Sultan of The Disco

Inspired by Soul/ Funk music from the golden age of disco represented as Chic, Kool and the Gang and Jackson 5, Korean indie band ‘Sultan of the Disco’ plays to deliver vintage sound to modern listeners. The band was named after the song of Dire Straits “Sultan of Swing'. Members include Nahzam Sue (lead vocals), J.J Hassan (dance/chorus), Ganji Kim (drums), G (bass), and Hong-ki (guitar).

It’s Nahzam’s priority to inherit the vintage disco sound directly from the 60s~70s soul and funk masters, while sexy, unique group dancing is purely on J.J. Hassan, who spent more than enough years on the dance floor. Through cool, yet fun costume that befits the visual, the band combines musical seriousness and entertainment altogether. When the band released its first full album 'The Golden Age (2013)', with the title clearly revealing ambition to inherit soul/funk masters, the album was an exceptional hit and got nominated as Korea Music Award’s the best dance album.

Sultan of the Disco’s popularity most owed it to hilarious performances that made the band earn the reputation “whoever watches their show can’t help dancing with them”. When they played at several international festivals including Glastonbury (UK), Summer Sonic (Japan), CMJ Music Marathon (US) and CMW (Canada), all of audiences danced along with the band and made enthusiastic calls of “One-more-song!” Therefore BBC reporter Mark Savage said Sultan of The Disco was one of the best band at the Glastonbury 2014 and Grammy winning producer Tony Maserati decided to produce Sultans’ single 'SQ (We Don't Need No EQ IQ)'

In 2016, Sultan of the Disco was invited by Glastonbury Festival again, and signed a contract for releasing their debut album in Japan with the major label, VAP.


Nahzam Sue – Vocal/Synth/Dance

J.J Hassan – Dance/Chorus

Ganji Kim – Drums

G – Bass

Hong-ki – Guitar/Chorus


2011 – Groove Official [EP]

2013 – The Golden Age [LP]

02.2014 – Tang Tang Ball [Single]

12.2014 – Weh-eh-eh-eh-eh [Single]

05.2015 – SQ (We Don’t Need No EQ IQ) [Single]

12.2015 – Neon Light [Single]