Black String & Kathryn Tickell

Compton Terrace, London N1 2UN

  • ““The audience holds their breath as instruments get tuned.””
    Giulia Pratico, HJA!
  • ““This was music fully of the 21st century, in all its global, postmodernist glory.” ”
    The Washington Post
  • ““I first encountered Black String through World on 3 on BBC Radio 3. The first track I heard was so intense and compelling – vast soundscapes, full of strange noises – alien, yet full of humanity. The more I listened, the more I felt drawn in by the music, and a sense of connection started to grow. There were little flashes of communication between their instruments and mine, the strength of tradition that underpins my music and theirs. I can’t wait to hear what sort of music we might make together!””
    Kathryn Tickell

K-Music 2017, London's Festival of Korean Music is back with 9 concerts including several collaborations with international artists. The festival opens with the remarkable Black String, joined by musician, composer and broadcaster Kathryn Tickell.

The Artists

Black String

Black String will open this year’s K-Music 2017, their sound focuses upon improvisation as it is an important part of not just their creative process but traditional Korean music as a whole. The group consists of Yoon Jeong Heo (Geomungo - six-stringed Korean zither), Aram Lee (Daegeum - bamboo transverse flute & Yanggeum - Korean hammered dulcimer), Jean Oh (Jazz guitar) and Min Wang Hwang (vocals, percussion).

Black String were founded in 2011 as part of a Korea-UK cultural exchange programme entitled 'UK Connection' sponsored by the Arts Council Korea, since then the group have enthusiastically developed collaborative projects with UK artists such as Tim Garland, John Turville, Asaf Sirkis and Gwilym Simcock. The band have performed at many world-renowned festivals and venues, in particular, Yoon Jeong Heo (geomungo), the leader of the group has performed numerous times in Korea, Germany, France, the UK, USA and many other countries including musical collaborations with prominent artists like Stephan Micus. She has performed at the Rudolstadt World Music Festival in Germany (2009), WOMEX opening concert in Copenhagen (2010), and the UN’s International Telematic Music Concert for Peace (2010), to name but a few. 


Yoonjeong Heo – Geomun-go; Six-string zither

Jean Oh – Elec guitar

Aram Lee – Daegeum, Yanggeum

Minwang Hwang – Vocal, Percussion


2016 – Mask Dance

Kathryn Tickell

Kathryn Tickell is widely acclaimed as the foremost exponent of the Northumbrian pipes. She is a composer, performer, educator and and recording artist whose work is deeply rooted in the landscape and people of Northumbria. She has released 15 of her own albums to date and has also recorded and performed with Sting, The Chieftains, Penguin Café Orchestra, Jon Lord, Evelyn Glennie, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, London Sinfonietta and many others. In 2015 she was awarded the OBE for services to folk music. She currently tours with her classical-folk quartet, The Side, and is devising a new show with the writer David Almond. Kathryn is also a regular presenter of BBC Radio 3’s “World on 3”.